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WEB DESIGN | SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING | WEBSITE DESIGNER | WEB DEVELOPER - skilled trade services - craigslist (1)

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Manny Padron | Call/Text 808-466-7175 | WebExpertsMarketing.com | Instagram: @MannyPadronn


Custom Websites $199
Social Media Marketing $99
Google SEO Ranking $99
Google Ads Management $99
Mobile Apps (call for pricing)
Printing Services (call for pricing)


- proshineconcreterestoration.com (construction)
- Peufamilypainters.com (painting)
- juniorsjunkremovalca.com (cleaning)
- JamesEdition.com (real estate)
- Friends-family.co (t-shirt brand)
- shhospiceservices.com (health)
- Roblesconcreteconstruction.com (concrete)
- ProStarhs.com (software)
- ruta15cevichebar.com (resturant)
- A1PressureWashingServices.net (pressure cleaning)
- anwdental.com (dental)

Web Design
Web Designer
Website Design
Website Designer
Web Developer
Web Development
Website Developer
Web Design Company
Website Creator

Social Media Marketing
Social Media
Social Media Management

Google Ads
Google My Business
Digital Marketing


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    WEB DESIGN | SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING | WEBSITE DESIGNER | WEB DEVELOPER - skilled trade services - craigslist (2024)


    What are the 3 things a web designer focuses on when creating a website? ›

    A web designer works on a website's appearance, layout, and, in some cases, content. Appearance relates to the colors, typography, and images used. Layout refers to how information is structured and categorized. A good web design is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and suits the user group and brand of the website.

    Is web design still in demand? ›

    Web Development Remains a Smart Career Choice

    With strong job growth projected through 2032 and exciting technologies like augmented reality and natural language processing (NLP) expanding web developers' capabilities all the time, demand for these skilled professionals will remain high across industries.

    What is involved in being a web designer? ›

    Web Designers create and build websites and web pages by combining any number of visual design elements including text, photos, graphics, animations and videos. A Web Designer could create a brand new website or simply make updates to the design and layout of existing pages.

    How do web designers and web developers work together? ›

    The designer works to create the graphic elements, color palettes and typography that look good, while the developer codes and prepares the material for web publication.

    Is web design hard? ›

    Most people can learn web development fundamentals in a few months and land an entry-level job even if they had no experience beforehand. No matter your current schedule or comfort level with web development, plenty of tools are available to help make learning more manageable than you might think.

    Is web design a skill? ›

    Web design requires concrete technical skills, and therefore if you are a prospective web design, you need to sharpen your skills in programming components such as JavaScript. To be able to build websites and mobile applications, you need to hone skills in CSS frameworks such as Backbone, Foundation and Bootstrap.

    Do web designers make money? ›

    There are two main reasons why web design is a very profitable side business. First, there is a huge demand for websites and second, there are many types of websites, so it's easy to find your niche. And finding your niche in website design is necessary to be a successful web designer.

    Can you be a web designer without coding? ›

    While web designers don't need to be pros at coding, per Cristy Koebler, Operations Manager at Hireguide, “It's helpful for designers to understand how to code, but I wouldn't say they have to. If they can understand basic HTML and CSS, they know how to deliver a design that a developer can code up.

    Can you work from home as a web designer? ›

    Web Designers can work from home, as the job only requires a computer and web design software. Projects may include meeting with clients and collaborating with web developers, so some employers want you to be in the office at least part of the time.

    Do web designers work alone? ›

    They will most frequently work as part of large teams of designers and developers when working on large projects, but they may also find themselves working on individual smaller assignments, particularly if they are working as freelancers.

    Can web designing be a side job? ›

    Work at your own pace

    Most web designers & developers find that their side hustle allows them to work on their own time and at their own pace without having to be micromanaged.

    Is web design profitable? ›

    Web design has been growing as one of the most profitable and highly demanded technical jobs. The growth rate for web designer employment is forecast to reach 23% in 2031, much faster than other occupations. With such potential, many freelance web designers consider elevating their services into established businesses.

    What are the 3 main section of a website? ›

    The key sections of a website are: Header: includes logo, navigation menu, and search bar. Hero Section: features an eye-catching image or video with a brief description of the website's main purpose. About Us: provides information about the website or company, including its history, mission, and values.

    What are the three 3 basic website structures? ›

    Web sites are built around basic structural themes. These fundamental architectures govern the navigational interface of the Web site and mold the user's mental models of how the information is organized. Three essential structures can be used to build a Web site: sequences, hierarchies, and webs.

    What are 3 common purposes for a website? ›

    The 3 main purposes of a website

    Generally, we can categorize the purpose of most websites into 3 sections: Awareness, sales, and information.

    What are the 3 kinds of web design explain each? ›

    Websites can be broadly classified into three main types: static websites, dynamic websites, and e-commerce websites. Each type has its own characteristics, advantages, and use cases. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

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